Expats and internationals within Volt

Volt is an international party and therefore we strive to include expats and internationals within the workings of our party. Most internal communication, for example the monthly newsletters, are sent in both Dutch and English. Every 3rd Thursday at 7.30 pm we facilitate an English spoken meet up. This is a perfect way for Volt members and non Volt members to come together to chat and discuss a broad range of topics. For more information about these meet ups you can contact Bram Kamp at bram.kamp@volteuropa.org

2022 Municipal elections

The next Dutch elections are the municipal elections in March 2022. In these elections citizens can vote for the city council and therefore the direction that the Municipality will take in the next four years.

Even if you don’t have a Dutch nationality you can vote in these elections. Unfortunately many expats and internationals are unaware of the rules about the right to vote.

Volt wants to encourage expats and internationals to vote in the elections, because we believe that every citizen should have the opportunity to have a say in their M/e unicipality. Therefore we have made an overview where internationals can find out if they are allowed to vote in the elections of 2022. You can find this Dutch GRV Vote chart added below.

Can I vote in the municipal elections?

In the visual here to the right you can see for yourself if you have the opportunity to vote (Volt)!